January 27, 2017

When the motivation wears off what then propels you to keep going? 

We've all heard many times, the first step toward change is admitting the problem but, then what? Are we left to do it alone? How can we stay the course when the inevitable obstacle arises? 


January 11, 2017

There have been many times I was inspired by a book I read, podcast I heard or video I watched and came away ready to start something new. Sometimes that new thing lasts a few weeks, many times it lasts only minutes before I think my way out of taking any action. 


January 2, 2017

Why habit change and success is about discipline and has very little to do with motivational memes.


It's all a trick. At least that's what I found. Searching for motivation, "if only something could push me, just enough to get me going..." 

I thought it was my role, m...

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August 5, 2019

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