Motivation is Meaningless - Introduction

January 2, 2017

Why habit change and success is about discipline and has very little to do with motivational memes.




It's all a trick. At least that's what I found. Searching for motivation, "if only something could push me, just enough to get me going..." 

I thought it was my role, my duty to MOTIVATE people to do what they already knew they were supposed to (in most cases). I would sit-down and have these powerful discussions with clients, thinking, "that fired them up, they are going to succeed now." And since the first part of that was always true, I couldn't figure out why the second didn't follow. 

Weeks would pass and we are right back to the same place, struggling with similar issues, trying to reconnect to our goals and purpose then, get FIRED UP again. 

This is an unfortunate vicious cycle, that I'm sure sounds familiar to other coaches and clients alike. 

So what's the answer? 

There probably isn't ONE. (oh the joy of ambiguity). 

However, I think I can offer help as to where we might start. 

As we all know success, in any realm, doesn't typically come easy. Especially if we spend countless hours moving in circles, in this case -- set goal, motivated, fizzle out, disconnect, unmotivated, new goal, get the idea. We have heard it before, it's about consistency. 

But how do we help build this momentum and develop the consistency to start forming new habits, and in-turn, shedding bad ones? 




This is my brief intro into what will be a multi-part blog on how to create better habits.  I will begin next week by addressing the following topics:

  • Calories as Cash

  • Setting a Food Budget

  • Being Proactive

  • and The Dangers of a Credit Mindset

Thank you for reading!  Please tune in next week for more.

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