Motivation is Meaningless Pt 2 - Problems, Purpose & Support

January 27, 2017

When the motivation wears off what then propels you to keep going? 

We've all heard many times, the first step toward change is admitting the problem but, then what? Are we left to do it alone? How can we stay the course when the inevitable obstacle arises? 



How long can we put off admitting there is a problem?

“It has been a while since I’ve exercised but, I’ll get back to it soon”
“I haven't gained THAT much weight.”

Sound familiar? Too often the issue is neglected, we tell ourselves, “it's not that bad.” Or, “I could start at anytime.” But the truth is you can't, not without recognizing and truly accepting, that the problem exists. And though you say you can fix it, you haven't. So can the preceding statement be true? 

Let's take the claim, "I can fix my noisy toilet." I read a book on plumbing, watch videos on YouTube, make several attempts to fix the issue only to my dismay. At what point do I accept, “maybe I can't do this… not without help…”



Ask for help! 

Admiration and esteem is granted to the do-for-yourself-ers. Understandably, independence and self sufficiency is necessary. However, knowing when to ask for help is key. 

Humans are social creatures for a reason. We all operate with some form of blinders on. It is the job of our support to help us navigate those blind spots. Often, our misconceptions of the world can be easily pointed out by the people around us but, difficult to identify on our own. 

Thought Exercise:
Determine how your blind spots are possibly inhibiting your success. 

Try sharing your goals with the individuals in your life who care for you. You'll be happy to learn they are interested in your success too. This may impose a feeling - - “I don't want to let her down!” - - which can be used to your advantage. 

Your step toward change is not just about you any more. It's about something bigger! 



You've accepted the burden of the issue!
You've built your support system!

But to keep focused, you must connect to your higher purpose. Why do this at all? 

As we discussed previously, success is about discipline and consistency. Which ultimately boils down to choices/decisions. 

Many of these decisions, in isolation, don't seem to have a tremendous impact. But your progress is really just an accumulation of every choice. 

When faced with a decision of whether or not to have a double stuffed Oreo, without consideration, the Oreo is chosen 100% of the time. (Unless you hate double stuffed Oreos, in which case, I question the existence of your taste buds.)

But let's say for this case the goal is weight loss, and the higher purpose is feeling the best you have ever felt at the upcoming interview for your dream job. Let's say eating that Oreo was the difference between you showing up at your best or you remaining overweight, lacking confidence and overall feeling poorly. Foregoing that Oreo becomes a no brainer. 

Of course opting to have the Oreo just this once, won't have much impact either way but if that becomes your habit, I don't think the result will be a favorable one. 

So why do it at all? Not just skipping the sweet treat. Why make any difficult behavioral changes? Why should you instill new habits at all? 

Action Item:
Create a list of everything else you will be able to accomplish once your fitness goal is achieved. Contained within will be your purpose.

With your purpose recognized and destination clear, all obstacles become conquerable and, success -- inevitable. 



“Where there's a will there's a way,” “with great determination comes great success.” These platitudes became clichés for a reason. Uttered so frequently because they are true. 

You can find the willpower within, once you connect to your purpose. For more on this I recommend reading Start With Why by Simon Sinek. 


To ensure you don't slip off course, get people on your team, rooting for you. Tell your family and close friends about what you are trying to accomplish, get them on board. If your support system is lacking, find a caring coach to help hold you accountable.

Lastly, be okay with the fact that you may not be able to fix this, at least not alone. Once you can admit to that, you'll take the necessary steps to solve the issue. 


Be sure to tune in next time as I explore How Discipline Yields Freedom and Decision Making HP (hit points/energy for my non-gamers). 


As always, thanks for reading and, please let me know what you think in the comment section below! 

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