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Ryan Irving


As a father and business owner, Ryan understands the struggles of being busy, the value of leading, and the importance of prioritizing healthy habits.

With over 9 years of experience in the industry, Ryan uses his knowledge to deliver unparalleled service, attentive coaching, and reliable accountability. 

Ryan is committed to making your experience at IRV FIT enjoyable above all else.  He will ensure you are provided all the tools necessary to help you reach your unique goals - you just need a willingness to work and a positive attitude. But if you're lacking there - his attempts at humor via dad jokes should put you in good spirits. 

“I guess the attitude that I’ve tried to create here is that I’m a friend first and a boss second and probably an entertainer third.”


Seana San Antonio


After a long history of running, Seana embarked on a strength training program that led to an injury.  While trying to overcome this, she ended up pursuing physical therapy with our partners Pappas Physical Therapy. From there she became a member at IRV FIT which ignited the passion for her new endeavor.

During this time at IRV FIT, Seana periodically thought about becoming a Personal Trainer. Being in her 40s she had her doubts about making a career change but she had some help making the transition. One day, Ryan asked if she’d considered becoming a trainer. Seana claims in that conversation, she heard someone else believe in her more than she could at that moment. It pushed her.  Even with her hands full - 5 kids, a recently ill father, and a job as a teacher assistant - she made the leap and became a certificatied  Personal Trainer. 

Seana says “I'm so grateful I went for it. I adore helping others achieve their goals, so it's not really a job for me. I'm having way too fun at IRV FIT to consider it a job. It's a passion.”

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