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Master Your Mindset - Like Dwight Schrute

We’ve all heard it before, “preparation is key” “don’t prepare, prepare to fail” etc. We recognize the importance of preparing.

Many of us implement it. We foam roll before workouts, chop up and pack all our food into containers for the week, we study for an upcoming test, and even review our notes before a big meeting.

I’m curious though - are you preparing your mind the same way? Do you have a ritual to set your emotions or establish your intent before a challenging task? To prevent an argument are you checking your anger before having to engage in a stressful discussion with your significant other? Do you promote a positive mindset before entering into work?

Setting your intention and preparing your mental attitude can make a significant improvement in your productivity and interactions. If you “get your head in the game” prior to a difficult meeting or troublesome discussion the outcome will be significantly better. Even if it doesn’t go as planned, you will have handled it to your best ability because you came in with the proper mindset. You don’t bring baggage from an unsettled issue at home into your meeting, or you left work at work and so you were able to connect with your spouse.

If you aren’t taking time to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for every situation and would like to, here are 5 tips how:

  1. Music - Play music to match what’s needed in the situation, whether it’s Bach to calm you down or Eminem to hype you up - choose something that will help you conquer the challenge ahead.

  2. Movement - Get the body moving to elevate your mood. - Motion = (+)emotion - Coach Peter Twist

  3. Meditation -Either guided using an app like Headspace or self lead by following your breath, if you feel you need to relax before your next action - take a few minutes and breathe.

  4. Prayer -Don’t hesitate to ask for help and to set your mind right ahead of this big task.

  5. Gratitude -Remind yourself of what your are grateful for allowing negative emotion to fade and positivity to take over.

Note: All these practices aren’t just reserved for a big meeting or tough conversation - mentally prepare to take on your day, set your mind for whatever lays ahead.

For a short example of mentally preparing see the video below. Here Dwight is setting himself up to ask for a raise.

Hey, and a little positive self talk can go a long way too!

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