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The Reason You're Not Fit - part 1

Part 1 - Excuses

"Of course she’s in shape - she has all this time to go to the gym. If I didn't have to work 40 hours a week, tend to my kids, care for my mother - I'd be in shape too!"

You think that you and the person you perceive to be in shape are different. You make up excuses and create a separation. Unfortunately, these excuses just place distance between you and your goals.

For starters she isn’t worried about what you are doing. She's spending every free bit of energy focusing on how to improve. Balancing work, family and personal life - dedicating every last bit of energy to self improvement. Rather than look at the differences in your situations, recognize that everyone has obstacles to overcome and gain inspiration from her success!

You can define people by their buts (that’s ONE T for those keeping score).

"I’d love to get to the gym daily but, I have 3 kids to tend to at home" vs. "I have 3 kids to tend to at home but, I made it to the gym anyway."

What you are willing to do despite your perceived limitations will determine your success.

We all do this - make up excuses for other’s success. "He’s only rich because his parents were wealthy." These stories may be true but, so what? Thinking - they started with something I don’t have therefore I could never get there - is a shitty way to think. You leave yourself with no ownership over your outcomes. I want you to reach your goal in spite of your situation.

I know it’s a struggle, you have to work all day, take care of the kids at night, tend to your parents on the weekend but - if you don’t prioritize your goals, make yourself the best you can be - how are you going to perform your best for everyone that relies on you. Shed the excuses and take action.

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