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You First, ALWAYS

We’ve met before.

You’d like to make a change, but you have a lot on your plate. You’re caring for loved ones and managing big responsibilities at work. You are trying to help everybody else. Time for yourself, is just low on the list.

My goal - get you to the top of that list before it's too late.

I understand your family needs you, work needs you. But, do you know who really needs you? YOU. If you aren’t caring for you, how can you help others?

It’s like trying to climb a mountain. At the top you are promised all the health and prosperity you can ask for. You know it’s the place you should be but, you also want all your family up there as well. They don’t seem to be aware of the vast value that awaits them. Even if they were - it looks too difficult to climb.

But you know what’s best! First you try to motivate them to climb up - no luck. Then you try to guilt them, “if you don’t climb that mountain things will only get worse down here.” Now they stop listening.

You try to push them up the mountain - no progress made. Then - fully backpedaling, butt first, hands locked onto their shirt collar, you’re PULLING them up the mountain - nothing.

Day light fades, night is upon you, it’s too dark, too cold, the opportunity passed. No one made it up the mountain that day. Time for a new approach.

After fully exhausting yourself and all your options you recognize there has got to be a better way. You haven’t lost sight of what’s at the top but, you don’t have the energy to help anyone else along. You decide to trek the climb yourself.

It’s more challenging than you anticipated but still you push through. You slip but you get back up. You fall but, you won’t quit.

Amidst all the struggle, you prevail. The path was tougher than you thought, but the top is better than you could have ever imagined. “I DID IT!”

Those at the bottom look up. They see your victory and want in! They aren’t sure how to start but thankfully you are in the perfect position to assist!

From the top you cast down a rope to help them up when they slip. You navigated this difficult terrain - you can guide them through it. Even the most difficult elements of the climb, you surpassed, showing it IS possible to reach the summit. Thanks to your efforts and bravery to go first, you are now surrounded by your loved ones at the PEAK, enjoying a better life.

If you aren’t able to put yourself first, you may never reach the top. And if you don’t, it’s possible no one else will either.

Prioritize YOU today!

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